Thursday, February 28, 2008

One word that describes me: Spontaneous

What Word Describes You?
Spontaneous-A great word for you is "Spontaneous". You love to live life to its fullest and you hate to do the same thing all the time. You crave adventure and excitement and both can usually be found wherever you are. You think labels are a waste of time because labels can't be put on people like you; you're into so many things. Being spontaneous is a great thing, but don't forget that if you have responsibilities, they should be taken care of before setting off on your next big adventure.
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tina said...

my would be a bit like this one of these days..

Ann said...

Hello! Tagal mo rin nawala ah. Welcome back!

Blogspot users lang pala pwede dito sa comment box mo.

Fingertalks' other blog said...

@ tina,

tnx for visiting here. hehe. so cool to have a funblog.

@ ann,

thanks for the warm welcome. i don't know how to set up the comment box to accommodate non-blogspot users. pano po un?